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Awesome Party
Too my awesome party, I would invite
Terry Pratchett

I would invite Terry Pratchett because he’s an intelligent clever and humorous man with a rather unique view of the world to which many people can still relate. Judging by his books and public statements, he seems like the type of guy that knows how to have a good time. I feel that he would add life to any party and would get along well with the other guests.
Douglas Adams
I would invite Douglas Adams to the party for similar reasons to Terry Pratchett; he has a unique sense of humour and judging by his books has a very good idea of how to have a good time no matter the circumstances. I feel that he too would get along well with the other guests and come up with great ideas for entertainment.  
Jick & Skullhead
Jick & Skullhead are actually two different people, but I would want to invite them for the same reasons and I feel that inviting one and not the other wouldn’t make sense. These two men are the creators of the only MMORPG I can stand to play for any great length, by the name of the Kingdom of Loathing. There are a good deal of questions I would like to ask them about how they manage such a venture (it’s still an independent construction) and I again feel that their tongue in cheek manor and appreciation of grammar would ingratiate them with the other guests.
I feel that Plato’s view of the world and intellectual attitude would make him a good addition to the party, he’d contribute well to any interesting discussion between the others. He was also an ancient Greek, and they, by all accounts, knew how to party hard. Besides, he’d be an excuse to make it a toga party.
Kurt Vonnegut
Kurt Vonnegut is another classic example of oddball humor and unexpected cleverness. Also, judging by his books, he has experienced much of human life, and would have some pretty interesting ideas for how we could entertain ourselves once we got bored of just talking.
The Most Interesting Man in the World
This is pretty simple. He (by all accounts) has pretty good taste in alcohol, and, well, he’s interesting. I don’t know, I feel like he’d keep up fairly well with the others and help provide entertainment while we figured out what to do. I don’t know, I feel like he, by definition, would be a great addition to a party.
Chef from Southpark
Chef is an interesting character who clearly know how to have a good time but isn’t too obnoxious or selfish or anything. He’s not one of those annoying morally righteous guys (like me), but he’s friendly and reasonably kind, and pretty easy to get along with. Besides, I doubt any of the other attendees would be as good at cooking, seeing as it’s not their job.
Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes is supposedly a very intelligent man, so I feel he would be able to contribute well to the conversation. He could entertain us all by analyzing our lifestyles and recent activities from the status of our clothes and hygiene, and he too knows how to have a good time (which for him means smoke a disgusting smelling cigar and play hauntingly melancholy violin music.
GLaDoS is pretty clear to me. Her manner would be quite entertaining, and she could provide any number of delicious baked goods. She could help teach the other guests how to think with portals, which would provide hours of entertainment. Hopefully she wouldn’t form an unhealthy attachment to one of the guests and try to kill them.

It seems to me that if anybody knows how to have a good time, it would be Lucifer. He also has a practically unique understanding of the human psyche which would be fascinating to me and many of my guests. He could tell us his personal feelings and point of view about creation and whatnot (like paradise lost, but without the whole work of fiction part) and I feel like he’d be a very interesting character while drunk. He’d of course be on a strict vow (enforced by more than his word because, well, prince of lies) not to try to tempt, kill, or destroy the minds of anyone else present.


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