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Blog Nine, Perfect Day Off

I wake up at around nine o' clock (not too early to be annoying, but early enough that I still have the majority of the day before me). The smell of scrambled eggs fills the house, because for whatever crazy reason my mom has decided to make me breakfast for once. She serves them with a pile of fresh chopped dry-farm tomatoes on top and a glass of milk on the side. I gobble down the food, guzzle the milk, and sit around for a while reading Calvin and Hobbes. I then take a quick but refreshingly thorough shower, and get ready to face the world.

    For my first adventure, my friends Keenan, Reilly, and Maneck are invited. We tramp down to downtown Berkely together, and we wander Telegraph and Shattuck, buying random T-shirts and such (some random, some “ironic” to prove our “sophistication”, some just silly) and listening to random awesome music in various stores. Perhaps we join together in 4-part harmony on some Beatles song or something for fun, or pretend we think we’re really good at Parkour while jumping on and off benches and fire hydrants, I don’t know. A good time is had by all, and we end that section of our days (pluralized because there are multiple people involved, not because we’re dying) in Half Price Books buying whatever seems potentially entertaining and is cheap.

    I then pick up my girlfriend Brianna from BART (she lives sorta far) and we all take BART to San Fransisco where we wander various neighborhoods, explore the city, and encounter various street fairs and whatnot (almost guaranteed in San Fransisco...). We’d probably encounter some random awesome art on the street somewhere, stop to admire it, encounter various entertaining people, stop to admire them, etc...We’d probably stop for a bite (or two) to eat at this point, needing some sort of lunch. Probably something along the lines of sandwiches, pizza, burritos, some such thing. There is good, reasonably priced food in San Fransisco aplenty, and we’d all find something suited to our tastes.

    Eventually, probably after some pastries from a cafe somewhere, we’d tire of the city, and abscond, each finding something else to do for a while. Brianna and I would wander the Albany Bulb, enjoying the peculiar mix of beautiful flora and fauna with various interesting objects of refuse, with the make-shift art enhancing the aesthetic appeal of it all. We’d probably build some silly little tower of rocks or trash or construct some random shape out of driftwood or some such thing ourselves, solely for the pleasure it brought us. Perhaps skip some rocks in the one bay/lake (depending on the sea level) sheltered from the waves, I don’t know. Just explore the place some, enjoying the peace and beauty.

    By that time Brianna’s parents would probably call her home (it’s a longish trip back, and they worry if she’s out too late) and the rest of my friends and I would meet up again and wander our way over to The Gilman to enjoy whatever show would be playing (since it’s my ideal day I’m just going to assume it would be a good one, hopefully not too angry, and hopefully somewhat musical). Maneck and I would embarrass and entertain the rest with silly dancing (mostly disco, with a smidgen of square dancing and the Can Can) until a particularly exciting song came up, and we’d mosh for a while, because why not. At some point we’d probably take a break to grab some food at Picante, and some fresh air outside. Eventually the show would end, and we’d retire to our respective houses, the day finished.

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Sounds fun. It's really cool that your perfect day off is in the Bay Area, just exploring and enjoying the culture and food. Walking in the Albany Bulb is always interesting because of all the interesting art mixed in with the rubble and the pseudo-wilderness and the winding paths.

I can see how you'd be chilling out in such an interesting day like that. I agree with Myles that the Bay Area is a pretty great place to hang out with friends and loved one. Your date with Brianna sounds so cute, by the way. Just walking with each other through the streets with music, flowers, and love... <3 Nice entry, Ben.

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